what’s for dinner?

i typically don’t make specific lunches, i just put some leftovers in a jar and call it good.  however, in order for this system to work i have to make dinner more often than once a week.  and ramen noodles don’t count.  so on my day off today i was rifling through pinterest searching for some easy dinner ideas for the coming weeks.  and let me tell ya, there were some good ones.  so i thought i’d share a few on here, spread the word of easy pasta dinners.  why pasta?  simply because it’s cheap.  it’s not all i eat, i promise.  but you can make a 97¢ box of pasta go a long way, my friend.

pasta carbonara from alexandra’s kitchen

spaghetti with spinach pesto and turkey meatballs from confections from the cody kitchen

revolutionary mac and cheese from macaroni and cheesecake

cajun chicken fettucini alfredo from comfortably domestic

mac & cheese carbonara with potato chip crust (!!!) from kumquat

and ricotta gnocchi with red pepper sauce from prudent baby

don’t they all look so good!?  i appreciate that they’re all fairly simple and don’t call for outlandish ingredients that you would have to scavenge six different supermarkets to find, but they still look extremely appetizing.  i’m not sure where i’ll start but i’d like to make all of these at some point.

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