more breakfast

i’m definitely a morning person.  for instance, this morning i woke up at 5 for no reason other than my body thought it was time to get up.  it worked out great though because i was done running (or jogging…what’s the difference?  i don’t know what i do, i just move my legs faster than a walk) by a quarter after 6 and then started my day.  and it’s been a darn productive morning too.  i made some coffee, swept, swiffered, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed out my car, made some tasty oatmeal for breakfast, called my mom and drank more coffee.  hint: coffee motivates me to do things.  do work, son.  (…some people could pull that off, but clearly i cannot)

so that oatmeal i made.  banana bread oatmeal.  with toasted walnuts.  and cinnamon.  sounds delicious, right?  trust me, it was.

banana bread oatmeal

1/4  c.  old fashioned oats

1/4  c.  boiling water

1/4  t.  cinnamon

1/8  t.  nutmeg (freshly grated, if you have it)

1/2  of a banana, sliced

1  T  toasted walnuts

2  T – 1/4  c.  milk

-to toast walnuts, spread onto baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 5 min.  i don’t set a timer, i just take them out when i start to smell them…but if your nose isn’t what it used to be you might need the timer

-measure out oatmeal and mix in cinnamon and nutmeg.  add boiling water (i added another 2 T of water to thin it out a little).  let it sit a few minutes, until the water has been absorbed

-when oats are ready, mix in half of your banana slices.  top oatmeal with milk, remaining banana and walnuts

if you’re the kind of person who like things sweet (you know who you are) add a little maple syrup or brown sugar.

ok, there’s still 10 minutes of morning left so i’m going to go fold some laundry!  yeah!

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