i feel like i panic when it comes to gift giving.  i start out with what i think is a great idea and then the more i think about it the more i wimp out and convince myself the recipient won’t like it.  or i won’t even have the slightest clue as to what to get them in the first place.  both of these situations usually end in a ‘safe’ gift, like a gift card or something equalling boring.  in an effort of be a more creative gift-giver, i have started a bookmark folder in my web browser for interesting potential gifts.  the only problem here is the gifts are usually out of my price range when it comes time to give the gift haha.  i can never win.

so for all you out there with the same troubles, here’s my mega-list of father’s day gifts.  because father’s day is mere 4 days away.  way to get a head start, ashlie…

these are all pretty budget friendly, the most expensive being $70.  but that’s where you pitch in with a sibling or two.  this year mine are probably all broke, sorry dad.  who knows what you’ll be getting.  probably not any of these :D

1 – soap gift set, rocky top soap shop, $19.80

2 – mushroom grow kit, uncommon goods, $19.95

3 – dad coffee mug, fred flare, $14

4 – personalized bottle opener, pop tag, $14.99

5 – sea salt + bay rum soy candle, sydney hale co., $26

6 – 8′ cloth extension cord, best made company, $38

7 – ox horn whiskey tumblers, sir jack’s, $70

8 – leather iphone case, j. crew, $38

honestly, i’d be pretty stoked to get some of these.  and most of these websites have a lot of other really cool stuff, just click on the number before the descriptions for the link.

if you’re more into the hand-made, sentimental gifts, don’t fret.  i’ve gathered some ideas for you as well:


bourbon peach hand pies from smitten kitchen

soft pretzel tots from a cozy kitchen

brown butter blondies from the red spoon

maple bacon cake doughnuts from a cozy kitchen

bourbon chocolate milkshake (!!!) from imbibe magazine


drop cloth coasters from design*sponge

bow ties from martha stewart

skinny ties from see kate sew

paper pencils from scissors paper wok

dopp kit form sew like my mom (perhaps with more masculine fabric…)

embroidered hanky from me,yokeyolk!

ok, now.  go get ready for father’s day!  and don’t forget the cold beer!  the most important element of a successful father’s day.

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