ya lookin’ a little strappy

as promised, a little more about that camera strap cover you saw before…

i was looking for a little instant gratification sewing project this week so i thought i’d snaz up my camera strap.  i used this vintage fabric my mother gave me and some printed cotton that i had from one of my first projects in school.  the fabric from my mother is this awesome screen printed cotton sateen with a metallic gold design printed on top.  it’s one of my favorite fabrics but i’ve been afraid to use it because i don’t want to waste it.  but this only used a tiny bit so i’ll have to find a really stellar blouse pattern or something to use up the rest of it.  the pictures really don’t do it justice…

i whipped up a pattern using the camera strap.  i just traced around it and added a seam allowance.  there are two pattern pieces because i wanted contrasting ends but if you wanted to simplify it you could easily trace around the whole strap, creating one pattern piece.

i turned the top edge twice and stitched…see it on the left side in the picture below:

i did some contrasting topstitching at the seam there, not necessary but a nice touch.

with right sides facing together, i stitched along each side.  then, i trimmed the seams with pinking shears…i love pinked edges, they’re so cute!

turned it right side out and pressed it to get a nice crisp edge.  i topstitched down both sides to give it a nice finished, professional look.

and then fed my cameral strap through it.  not gonna lie, this was the hardest part.  getting those ends through takes some elbow grease, but it’s totally worth it.

take a look…pretty snazzy, right??



5 thoughts on “ya lookin’ a little strappy

  1. Joyce says:

    Ashlie, Renee shared your blog with me. I love it!! You are sooo creative. At your age I loved to sew. You do such a great job with step by step pictures. You could be a photographer for a magazine!!

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